The art of compounding is unique and special at Brooklere Pharmacy because under the leadership of Anthony Brooklere, our pharmacies have been compounding since 1968. We are fortunate to have a team of compounding pharmacists and technicians that are not only dedicated to producing the best quality products for our patients, but are also both USP 795 and USP 797 certified. When commercially manufactured products are not working well for a patient, we can provide dosage forms that include capsules, gels, creams, lotions, suppositories, gummies, lollipops, lozenges and suspensions that meet each specific patient’s needs.

We are also a part of an international compounding group based out of Texas that lends support, expertise and innovative ideas to our practice on a regular basis.

What is compounding

“The preparation, mixing, assembling, altering, packaging, and labeling of a drug, drug-delivery device, or device in accordance with a licensed practitioner’s prescription, medication order, or initiative based on the practitioner-patient-pharmacist- compounder relationship in the course of professional practice.” (USP)

Compounding is the art and science of preparing personalized medications for a specific patient. We make special compounds with specific medications, strengths and dosage forms prescribed by a physician for a specific patient.

Why a compounded product?



Our compounding pharmacists not only make medications taste better but also make them more appropriate for a specific patient when needed. Most children like fruit flavors but not all children are alike! We strive to make sure your child is happy with flavoring and are happy to adjust when needed so that your child takes their medication. This service also applies to your favorite pet – most dogs like beef and most cats like liver but we are happy to adjust if you have a finicky feline or Fido!

Not Commercially Available

Occasionally, there are shortages of medications in the marketplace and in those instances our pharmacists may be able to make similarly compounded products.


Unique combination or dosage form

Our compounding pharmacists and technicians are problem solvers. If a patient is unable to take a product orally, we will work diligently to determine if the medication could possibly be made into a topically applied gel or into a suppository form so that it is more easily administered.


Brooklere Pharmacy compounding staff members are always on the lookout for more current trends in making compounded products that are free of ingredients that might cause allergic reactions or sensitivities (lactose, dyes, gluten, sugar, etc.).